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Infant Temperature Armpit

It may be used as a first way of checking to see if a child may have a fever.

Infant temperature armpit. What qualifies as a fever when taking an infants temperature under his arm. Fever is the only symptom. Under the arm armpit temperature. Turn on the digital thermometer.

If this shows a fever the temperature should then be checked by rectum or forehead. This is called axillary measurement. While the device reads your childs temperature hug your child keeping the side holding the thermometer. Underarm temperature is considered the safest way to check the body temperature of children under 3 months oldits also commonly used to check temperature in infants to 5 year olds because it.

According to an april 2006 study published in archives of disease in childhood most digital thermometers will register within 40 to 80 seconds when taking an axillary temperature and beep to let you know when to read it. 10040 f 3800 c or higher. 990 f 3720 c or higher. It may take a concerted effort to hold a thermometer in your infants armpit for the length of time needed.

Ear temperatures are not accurate before 6 months of age. If an axillary temperature does not show a fever but your child feels warm and seems unwell take a rectal measurement. Rectal bottom ear or forehead temperature. How to take an armpit temperature some doctors recommend taking a babys temperature in the armpit.

Once you take the babys temperature under the armpit if you find she has a fever you can take it again rectally to determine the extent of the fever advises the childrens physician network. The armpit axillary method is usually used to check for fever in newborns and young children but its not as accurate as a rectal temperature. The downside is that an armpit. Your child has a true fever if.

While axillary temperature taking is not the most accurate way to take a newborns temperature it is suitable for ascertaining whether your infant has a fever. What qualifies as a fever when taking an infants temperature under his arm. Temp taken under the arm tends to be 03 04 degrees f. When you place the thermometer under your childs armpit make sure it touches skin not clothing.

Forehead temperatures must be digital. Its easy convenient and safe and all you need is a regular digital thermometer. Ive heard a variety of answers and am a little confused answered by dr. Tips for taking a rectal temperature oral and.